attic insulation service

Attic Insulation

attic insulation service

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Save Energy - Save Money - Stay Comfortable

Why do you need attic insulation?

Keeping your home warm in winter is expensive. Sure, you can dial down the thermostat and get used to wearing bulky sweaters indoors to cut costs. But if you’ve got an unfinished attic, giving it proper insulation is one of the simplest ways to keep a lid on your heating bill this season.

  • The Department of Energy estimates that a properly insulated attic can shave 10 to 50 percent off your heating bill.

  • It works the opposite way for warm climates; in summer, it helps stabilize your house’s indoor temps to keep your house cool.

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Save Energy

Prevent your system from over working!

Save Money

Shave 10 to 50 percent off your bills!

Stay Comfortable

Works great for cold winters & hot summers!

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keep home comfortable

Recommended Levels of Insulation

Once you have determined the R-value of the insulation in your attic, use the table and climate map below to determine which level of insulation is best for your home.

insulations map
ZoneAdd the following insulation levels to your atticFloor
For uninsulated atticsFor attics with existing 3−4 inches of insulationFor uninsulated basements or crawlspaces
1R30 to R49R25 to R30R13
2R30 to R60R25 to R38R13 to R19
3R30 to R60R25 to R38R19 to R25h
4R38 to R60R38R25 to R30
5 to 8R49 to R60R38 to R49R25 to R30
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We Use AttiCat

Quick and Easy

  • Blowing the insulation should take less than 1.5 hours and the whole job can be completed in less than 4 hours based on a 1,000 sq. ft. attic @ R-30
  • Self-feeding system
  • Puts insulation where you want it
  • Integrated AUTOCUTTER

No Mess

  • Fiberglas™ insulation releases and expands completely inside machine
  • Provides easy clean-up because machine does the work for you
  • Low dust system

Safe and Reliable

  • Optimized process for minimal handling
  • Fully enclosed system
  • Hose-mounted remote control

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